Program Outcomes
Research Interest
General Information

  1. This program provides human capital with expertise in business. It is also in tandem with the government's desire in producing talents more effectively towards achieving the national vision.

  2. This program will produce managers who are
    (i) able to analyze, synthesize and evaluate business issues in a holistic manner.
    (ii) able to communicate effectively, carry out professional and social responsibilities strategically and ethically in dealing with business issues.

At the end of the program, students will have the:

PO1: Ability to confidently generate in-depth knowledge acquisition and management.
PO2: Ability to originate, formulate, characterize, and solve appropriate operational problems and designs.
PO3: Ability to develop knowledge and technology of relevant project.
PO4: Ability to generate comprehensive knowledge of appropriate fields in business thinking /entrepreneurship.
PO5: Ability to adapt appropriate research methodologies, techniques and tools.
PO6: Ability to communicate effectively through written and oral.
PO7: Ability to exemplify high leadership qualities and team working.
PO8: Ability to seek high ethical standards and integrity in appropriate practice.

Staff in the International Business School have expertise in PhD and master supervision across a diverse range of topics. For more information on staff research interests and publications please visit our individual staff webpages.

1.  Admission Requirement

- A master's degree in relevant field from University Teknologi Malaysia or any other institutions of higher learning recognised by the UTM Senate

2.  Students will be based in Kuala Lumpur.

3.  Application must be made online by log on to or You will also need to upload the soft copy of supporting documents in your online application form.

- Master Degree Award
- Certified copy of Academic Transcript(s)
- Passport Sized Photograph
- Two Referee Forms (not compulsory)
- Financial Guarantee/ Bank Account Statement (for self sponsored candidate)
- Two copies of Scholarship Letter (If Any)
- Proof of processing fee being paid
- *Research proposal

*The research proposal format (for Master's by research or PhD degree application only):

Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Background of the problem
    • Statement of the problem 
    • Objectives of the study 
    • Scope of the study 
    • Significance of the study

Chapter 2: Literature Review

    • Review relevant research to provide rationale for your work
    • Present unanswered questions, untried method etc. your work addresses 
    • Findings of others you are challenging or extending

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

    • Research Design & Procedure
    • Operational Framework
    • Subjects or data sources 
    • Instrumentation & Data Analysis 
    • Assumptions & Limitations 
    • Research Planning & Schedule

Chapter 4: Expected Findings and Summary

    • List of References

4.  Selection & Registration
Offer letter will be issued out once the candidates fulfill the application & admission requirements within 2-3 weeks. Kindly note that once registered as a student, you need to register subject online so that the progress of your report can be keyed in at the end of semester. You are also required to take two (2) taught subjects at any time during your study

    • Research Methodological
    • University General Elective Subject offered by UTM IBS

We advise you to take during your these subjects during your first semester.

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