Program Outcomes
Program Structure
Duration of study
Entry Requirement

At the end of the program, students will be able to:

PO1: Critique theories and concepts in business administration
PO2: Demonstrate mastery research skills related to industrial-based issues with minimal supervision
PO3: Refine theories and concepts in the business environment decision making process using scientific and critical thinking skills
PO4: Integrate professional ethics in research and demonstrate socially responsible behaviour related to organizational management
PO5: Evaluate situations and react effectively and responsibly in intellectual discourse and in scholarly publications
PO6: Analyze and adapt advanced business knowledge independently and effectively through innovative research
PO8: Display the ability to work effectively in a team
PO9: Demonstrate leadership qualities in the business environment
PO11: Strategize opportunities for organizations through enterprising initiatives

PROGRAM CORE (18 credits)
Advanced Technology Management and Innovation
Marketing Innovation
Accounting and Finance for Decision Making
Research and Development Management
Business Innovation and Growth Strategy
Independent Study Project
Literature Review and Conceptual Design
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Research Methods for Business
CONCENTRATION - BUSINESS INNOVATION (Choose 4 only) (12 credits)
Doctoral Seminar in Designing Innovation Strategies
Doctoral Seminar in Digital Marketing
Doctoral Seminar in Innovation and Strategic Change
Doctoral Seminar in Exploring Opportunities for Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Doctoral Seminar in Work, Technology and Organization
Doctoral Seminar in Knowledge Management
Doctoral Seminar in Creativity and Innovation
Doctoral Seminar in Improving Productivity Through Technology
Dissertation (approximately 40,000 to 50,000 words)
Global Issues Seminar
Science and Social Development Philosophy
Dynamics of Leadership
Malaysian Society and Culture
Organizational Behavior and Development
IT Project Management

Full TimePart Time
Minimum: 3 years
Minimum: 4 years
Maximum: 6 years
Maximum: 8 years

Master's Degree with CGPA ≥ 3.50 from UTM or other institutions approved by Senate, or
Master's Degree with CGPA >3.0 plus a minimum of 5 years working experience

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