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Research Interests

Our academic staff teaching and conducting research in broadly similar fields of interest are grouped under one of four discipline groups:

Further information on the research interests of our academic staff can be found below.

International Business School has 34 registered members
Research Interest
Strategic Human Resource Management; Stress Management; Organisational Studies.
Managing innovation, human resource competencies, organizational commitment, innovative culture
Development and planning, specifically on macroeconomic indicators and policy analysis, spatial, rural and urban impact assessment, population and spatial analysis, reconstruction and resettlement schemes, community-centric approaches and institutional studies
Branding, Marketing, Business Planning, Entrepreneurship
Management of Talents & Technology; Small and Medium Enterprises; Growth & Inclusiveness- N-tuple Helixes.
Management accounting, performance measurement, enterprise risk management, corporate governance
Startegic Management, Management, Leadrship
Corporate Finance, Investments, Islamic Finance and Banking, International Banking Theories, Internationalization in Emerging Markets & Syariah and Islamic Finance (Banking Products) Motivation, Selling Skills, Strategic Financial Management, World Class Services
Resource construction, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and SME Development
Consumer Behavior, Services Marketing, Green & Sustainability Marketing, Social Marketing, Macro Marketing, Work Ethics & Values
Information System Management, Big Data Analytics for Business, Social Media Marketing, Human Computer Interaction
International Business, Exports Management, SMEs, Cross Cultural Management
Organizational citizenship behaviour, psychological ownership, psychological capital, leadership, innovation, and Isalmic work ethics.
Islamic Banking and Finance, Takaful, Islamic Economics, Islamic Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.
Emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, leadership, job attitudes, managing innovation
Having high interest in academic research related to accounting, finance or Islamic banking and finance and contributes my expertise and skills towards its success. Inspired to engage with knowledge-sharing and research collaboration to ensure long-term success and learning curve.
Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Occupational Safety and Health Management.
Entrepreneurship related research, interpretative phenomenological analysis methods, commercialisation activities and graduate start-ups, business planning, etc.
Audit Quality, Corporate Governance, Creative Accounting, Disclosure Quality, Management Accounting, Shari'ah Governance
Management education, management development, Human resource management / development
Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Entrepreneurship
SME, Entrepreneurial Values, Religious Orientation, Strategic Orientation, e-business.
Financial reporting, Accounting regulations, Corporate governance, Auditing, Corporate issues and performance
Financial Economics, Banking and Stock Market development, Economic Modelling and Applied Econometrics, Forecasting and Time Series Analysis