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Class Schedule Semester 1, 2014/2015 (September)

You can download the updated class schedules for sem I 2014/2015 (September) below. Online course registration will tentatively open at 6th September  2014 (KL Campus) & 5th September  2015 (JB Campus) . To find out more log on to www.sps.utm.my from time to time

FileFile sizeLast modified
Download this file (RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (RM) FOR PhD.pdf)RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (RM) FOR PhD.pdf61 kB2014-08-29 09:04
Download this file (DBA KL WEEKEND_SECTION 1_28 OCTOBER.pdf)DBA KL SCHEDULE- WEEKENDS- (Section 1)503 kB2014-10-28 18:56
Download this file (FINAL EXAM.pdf)FINAL EXAM115 kB2014-10-01 09:24
Download this file (MBA JB WEEKEND_SECTION 2_23 DEC.pdf)MBA JB SCHEDULE -WEEKENDS- (Section 2)568 kB2014-12-23 15:41
Download this file (MBA KL_WEEKEND SECTION 1_ 24 SEPTEMBER.pdf)MBA KL SCHEDULE -WEEKENDS- (Section 1)642 kB2014-09-24 12:23
Download this file (MBA KL WEEKDAYS_SECTION 3_7 OCTOBER.pdf)MBA KL SCHEDULE- WEEKDAYS- (Section 3)696 kB2014-10-07 08:43

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